Fraud Alerts

(1). Meaning of Fraud: - Simply meaning of the word for fraud is cheat. But in free classified site( You need to alert from any quick money earning scheme, domestic or abroad job scheme, any drugs, etc. it is totally illegal and we are not supporting like above scheme. And it will be a punishable offence according to Indian law. While seeing this type of advertisement, be alert and use your sense of humor and fine sense of judgment. (2). Any claim: - You can directly claim against seller/advertiser because we are a internet based platform for publishing ads. and we are not responsible for ant type of misshaping/cheating/ buyer can directly claim against seller/publisher according to Indian law. (3). Warning: - We ( are warning to all seller/publisher/buyer/viewer please use your fine sense of judgment while using this site. We are against of cheating anyone. iF you are doing this then legal action will take against you. And site will never responsible for it. (4). Publication law: - We will follow all publishing Indian law. if in case of any seller is not following the law then in this situation seller is totally responsible for it. So please do not use any abusing language, any content against cast system of India, please follow the rules of publication. (5). Some tips: - Use your best judgment: if it seems too good to be true, it most likely is. The more questions you ask the advertiser, the more you know. Report any ads and messages you find suspicious. When meeting up with a seller, avoid carrying more cash than necessary. The best way to pay is Cash On Delivery.