Policies for Publications

(1). Introduction: - Welcome to WWW.POSTONLINE.IN, it is a free Indian classified site( electronic platform ) for your ads publication. So that you can post your requirement and get fast response which fulfills your items need. Such as something to sale or for Purchase. Because as per we observed many times that this is a Age of internet so many of us like to search on internet .Most of our generation are using smart phones, android phones, so it is very easy to use internet on their mobile phones, and search their requirements. In this segment we are going to tell you about some polices for publication which are very useful for you as well as us. In this we will tell you how we will publish your ads on our website and which kind of information will needed. Because if your ads are fulfilling with proper information and right content then it is sure that you will get positive response from our website. It is very clear indication to you that we are providing a platform to publish your item on it. We are not taking any guarantee to sale or purchase. We are only providing you a electronic platform only. There are many platforms you can use for publication of your item such as pamphlet distribution, news paper, media, television, classified sites. So we are one of them.

(2). User profile :- In user profile we required (a) user name, (b) user mail id, (c) user mobile number, (d) webpage (optional).
Because if buyer want to contact with you then, how it is possible without these entries. In case of you are not willing to show your mobile number then you need to give your mail id for communication. Same as if you want to buyer contact to you directly then you need to show your name and mobile number for quick communication. We have added n new function on your ad detail page if viewer wants to sms you then he can directly mail you by our send mail option. You will get buyer information on your mail in. for this we will sagguest you to fulfill your information properly. so that you can get result as soon as possible. in case of you are not filling your detail properly then we are not responsible for response, because we are providing a way to publish your ad only. Well we will hope that you will fulfill our information given above and will produce a great result. You can directly fill your detail while posting your ads or you can register yourself by clicking on Register. One more thing that you can edit your information such as your ... Name, email id, mobile number, webpage etc.

(3). Communication with Us: - We assure you to posting an ad in www.postonline.in will be a great experience for you. Because it is designed in very simple manner. In spite of any problem in posting ad then you can contact us, by mail on care or you can tell your problem by help box. There is a suggestion box also available for any suggestion. After receiving your problem we will solve it shortly. and we will add our customer contact number in future on our website. We will welcome any suggestion with your side to improve our website quality and to get your faith on it. because your faith is our success.allmost we have created a platform on which you can post your ad requirement mean-while facing any problem please let us know, about any error, or your ideas to get your trust on us(postonline).

(4).Communication between Buyer and Seller :- In WWW.POSTONLINE.IN website we are providing a number of way to communication between seller and buyer because for a successful deal it is necessary to communicate with each other, and understand that your requirement is going to fulfill with this item or not. That’s the reason behind it we are proving you some column through which seller can share their contact number, name, email id ,webpage etc. with the help of these column buyer can directly call or mail and get right product or thing according to the need. When you will see the ad detail page you will get ad detail and contact info. if you click ad detail then it will shows the whole detail of product . And if you click contact info then it will show seller name and contact number. One more thing in this page you will see that contact seller by filling your complete information you can mail your comment or message to the seller. So with these steps or way you can contact to the seller. And some of categories buyer also can post that which kind of opportunity he is looking for. Such as he wants job, looking for some business opportunities and many more.

(5). Content of Ads: - For posting strong and healthy product ads, it is very necessary to fill the product or item detail with complete information. Because when you will give full information of item or product buyer will comes to know that he is going to buy a right item for his requirement. Full detail of item includes brand of product, purchasing date. Under warrantee, location, exp. validity, owner type. Remember one thing that information is related to product or item only. iF you are filling detail with wrong information then for any police case, or misbehave you are totally responsible for it. or we can delete your ad from our site or responsible for both as we said above.

(6). Disputes :- Any kind of trouble you are facing while posting ads, directly contact us by email , help , or mail us care@postonline.in. We will solve your problem as soon as possible. In future we will add customer care number in this segment. So we are ready to help you while any dispute in posting ads.

(7). Changes in information :- Dear user you can change your information like - your mobile number, email id, address, password, webpage etc. so for your reliability and simple information can editable don't worry for that. You can edit this information and save these changes. If you are facing any problem then you can contact us. But any wrong information given by you causes trouble you and we are not responsible for it.