Terms and Conditions


(1). Introduction: - Dear user welcome to our website WWW.POSTONLINE.IN. there are some terms and condition to use of our website.beacause each and every sites have some personal rules and regulations for showing your ads. You should clear that on the beginning (clicking) of site you have read our terms and condition and agree with that. Terms and condition prevents the buyer or customer to be cheated by seller and unwanted material. so here are some points to understand for our responsible and precious users. Points are like.. all information should be right, seller should real not fake, your age should 18+, responsible for all content of your ad, personal information should clear and real, duplicate ads should not be post, and many more ... now my dear user it is very clear that you should read our this section before using our site POSTONLINE, If you are using then we will understand that you have read all our conditions. and agree with it. , this applicable for both seller and buyer because we are providing you a internet platform to search or sale your things or product or items or your need. So we are going to give you some detail which is very helpful to understand our terms and condition.

(2). Listing information: - Listing content should be right and clear written in the description. if you are not giving a proper information about your ad or product then totally you are responsible for result. Because buyer can raise their hands against you or seller according to Indian law.

(3). Prohibited Things:- Ad should not contain prohibited things like.... cast system of India, respect of women, abusing words, community , illegal items which is not allow in India, We are not supporting any Indian act(law) against activity on this site if you are doing so then legal action can be taken against you according to Indian law. Or your ad would be deleted by our team.

(4). Eligibility: - Eligibility to use our site is 18+ years, because we have added a new PERSONAL category in it. In personal category people can search for friendship, female escort, male escort etc. So if you are using this site we will understand that you are 18+ years, Even we have added a date of birth and email-id popup window if you want to post any advertisement in PERSONAL category. Because this site do not force anyone to visit our website on internet. It’s totally depends upon you.

(5). Responsibility: - If you are going to purchase some item through our site by looking any advertisement by seller then you should clear all information about product. Because we are internet. Based platform of advertisement. And not responsible for any misshaping or miss-selling. So it's your responsibility to check all information given by seller.

(6). Personal Information: - At the time of ad posting you need to share your personal information so that buyer can contact you without any trouble. But if you do not want to share your information then you need to write your email-id in ad but response will very low. Or your ad will deleted by our team in some cases.

(7). Duplicate ads :- Duplicate ads are not allow to post, in case you are posting ads for same product or items it will deleted by our team. you can post your ads for same item or product by changing in different - different titles, some changes in description, etc.for a limited times only.

(8). Free ad posting: - We are proving you to advertise your product or item at our WWW.POSTONLINE.IN site free of cost. We are not taking any kind of charge for showing your ad but in free ad category your ad will get lower position as new ads will take place by other customer. You can post a new ad for same item or product by changing some words of title and description. or you can delete your old ad and post it from beginning or by post new ad In free ad you can select maximum 4 images for your item or product.

(9). Paid ad posting: - If you want that your ad will appear in the top position then you need to take our listing package. We have package for one week, two week, one month and many more. In this facility you don’t have to post your item's ad regularly and you can choose up to 10 images for product or items. In case of many paid ad received by our site then in top position ads will rotate automatically. By paid ad you can produce more positive responses.